Want to create a real and positive change in your workplace and genuinely help and support your staff?

Some of The Clients We Proudly Work With

focusing on the mental health of your staff helps lower absence rates and staff turnover

Ignoring issues with your teams mental health can cost you a lot of time and money! We can help you improve your business.

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad situations!”

We can give you the toolkit you need!


Cut or lower stigma


Have happier and less anxious staff


Have better conversation amongst your team


Ill-health Cases Driven by Stress


Stress Drives 45% of Sick Days


Line Managers With No Mental Health Training


Employees Believe Workplace Have a Good Understanding of Mental Health

How can we help?

We tailor courses and workshops to suit your needs.

Workshops and Seminars

We can create bespoke workshops and seminars, based on the specfic needs to your organisation. Large or small, from one hour to full days.

Work with you 1-to-1

Need some specific help on issues within your organisation? We can….

Run surveys

We can help you measure your organisations ‘mental toughness’ with custom-built surveys.

Lunch and Learn

Have lunchtime ‘lunch and learn’ sessions – these are short, informal learning sessions.

Manager Training

Give your managers the tools to really help your staff.

Mental Health Toolbox

We’ll help you build a toolbox of questions and approaches to help your teams thrive.

Some of our Top Courses and Seminars

Difficult Conversations

Mental Health Awareness

Keeping Yourself Mentally Well

Mental Health First Aid

Upcoming courses and workshops

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