Certificate In Counselling Skills Course

This is An accredited SCQF Level 8 course, not only about the teaching of counselling skills but the key to self awareness

Advanced Inter-personal and Communication Skills

Become more self aware and learn essential everyday skills…especially if you’re in a helping role.

Our COSCA course is administered by EHM Training on behalf of our sister charity Falkirk’s Association of Mental Health and will provide you with skills used in supporting and managing staff in your work role, parents negotiating with teenagers in the home, or even as a stepping stone for those wishing to pursue a career in counselling.

The Certificate does not lead to a qualification to practice counselling, but is considered by most institutions as a recognised and recommended pre-requisite for anyone considering taking further study to become a counsellor/psychotherapist.

Amazing feedback.

The COSCA course had really helped me in my role as a tutor. I am now able to reflect back my student’s emotions to encourage an emotional dialogue, allowing a better opportunity to build deeper understanding and better relationships. I would highly recommend this course, for both your working practise and your own personal development.

A real turning point in my professional development and career. The changes I have made to my approach to teaching, supporting and learning is profound and I use the skills I learned daily. An outstanding course.

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